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VTS Integrated OR at Rochester
General Hospital
Many of us may have experienced the frustration associated with multiple remote controls for our home electronics. We have separate remote controls for our TV, cable box, VCR, DVD player and music systems to name just a few. We may even have multiple rooms containing similar equipment, each room having separate controls, which may behave differently from room to room.

Modern operating rooms have similar challenges. Physicians and operating room nurses need to control various digital devices during the course of a procedure. They may need to:

  • Route images from various source devices to various destinations
  • Start and stop digital image capture
  • Control phone systems for real time consultation with colleagues within the facility
  • Conduct a video conference for teaching purposes
  • Control surgical lighting for optimal viewing of the surgical field
  • Listen to music during the procedure

The ability to provide a central point of control for all of the functions listed above provides the following benefits:

  • Improved productivity of the healthcare professional
  • Improved efficiency of the procedure room design
  • Improved collaboration in real-time leading to better decision making and patient care
  • Improved procedure room turnover due to better room design, efficiency and shortened housekeeping time

VTS employs a structured methodology for designing integrated operating rooms which has proven to be extremely successful and ensures the project is delivered on time and on budget. We spend a great deal of time gathering and assessing the key stakeholders’ needs and formally documenting those needs so that when the project is complete there are no surprises.

We are vendor neutral which ensures that irrespective of the current or future endoscopic camera vendor chosen by the hospital, our image quality provides optimal diagnostic quality. The objectives set forth in any integration project are to:

  • Ensure that the images are routed in the native signal for optimal quality
  • Ensure that touch screen control provides the optimal person/machine interface for ease of use and training new personnel
  • Ensure that the hospital's investment is protected by designing open architecture systems that are scalable to meet future demands

VTS systems integration strategy works equally well with new construction or a retrofit environment. We work closely with the hospital’s architect and facilities management personnel. Our objectives are always to avoid disruption of daily routine and patient care.

See representative projects of actual installations to see integrated operating rooms customized by VTS.